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SETUP "Nangarap, Tinulungan, Umasenso" #ScienceAndTechnologyPaMore      

The theme of this year's National Science and Technology Week, Science for the People, emphasizes the Department of Science and Technology's (DOST) commitment to pursue the administration's directive that all Filipinos have equal opportunities in availing of government services. The theme aptly banners the continuing initiatives to bring Science and Technology closer to more communities, which will be reflected in the Regional Office's exhibit area that will be divided into in three Island groups Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The exhibit will show how S&T is used to address actual problem areas of various sectors. Among these is the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), one of DOST's flagship programs where S&T is used to empower micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). SETUP is highlighted in the Regional Offices exhibit area by presenting the program's contribution to regional development. To show how S&T impacts lives in the grassroots, the RO exhibit will also feature successful communities in the Regions assisted by DOST’s Community Empowerment through Science and Technology or CEST. The CEST program aims to empower the poorest and most depressed communities in the country via S&T interventions specifically in health and nutrition, water and sanitation, basic education and literacy, livelihood/economic enterprise development, and disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

In brief, the RO exhibit area will be a one-stop tour of the various areas supported under SETUP and gives guests a glimpse of how MSMEs from these sectors have thrived through the program.

The pillars and canopies within the exhibit area symbolize DOST's role as the sturdy support or backbone behind the success of MSME beneficiaries of SETUP. These pillars signify SETUP's role in ensuring the competitiveness and improved productivity of MSMEs through high quality technical assistance and technical consultancy services.

The design for the Outcome 2 exhibit is that of a wide walkthrough platform. This reflects how the DOST Regional Offices are dedicated in delivering transparent services to the public, making S&T assistance more accessible to Filipinos wherever region they may be from. This aptly supports the NSTW theme of "Science for the People" by ensuring that no Filipinos will be left behind.