The Department of Science and Technology has organized and held Science and Technology week celebrations since the 1950s. The event was instituted in 1982 through Presidential Proclamation 2214, which was amended through Republic Act 169 in 1993 to set the National Science and Technology Week every third week of July.

The NSTW aims to bring science and technology closer to the people by letting them experience the vital role of science, technology, and innovation in improving the people’s quality of life, protecting the environment, and contributing to national development, particularly in poverty alleviation.

Moreover, the NSTW highlights the capability of local S&T experts and inspire the youth and other sectors in believing that Filipinos can do it and that local technology works.

Its events and exhibits are the perfect venues for technology developers and investors, as well as S&T service providers and clients, to interact and pursue potential opportunities.

Every NSTW celebration is designed to optimize said opportunities and make S&T a way of life for Filipinos.

Contact Us

For more info you can email us at 2016nstw@gmail.com or visit our facebook page 2016NSTW

2016 NSTW Steering Committee

Sec. Mario G. Montejo, DOST
USec. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara, DOST
USec. Amelia P. Guevara, DOST
USec. Carol M. Yorobe, DOST
USec. Louis Napoleon C. Casambre, DOST
ASec. Robert O. Dizon, DOST
ASec. Oswaldo C. Santos, DOST
ASec. Raymund E. Liboro, DOST
Dir. Edgar I. Garcia (TAPI)
Ms. Cynthia F. Abalos, Head (PES)
Ruby R. Cristobal (STMERPD Chief, SEI)
Aristotle P. Carandang (CRPD Chief, STII)

Working Committee

Committee on Opening/Closing Ceremonies
Exec. Dir. Jaime C. Montoya, Chair (PCHRD)
Dir. Elizabeth E. Fontanilla, Co-Chair (DOST-ALS)
Committee on Special Events
Dir. Elizabeth E. Fontanilla, Chair (DOST-ALS)
Dir. Celia B. Elumba, Co-Chair (PTRI)
Exec Asst. Ms. Marilyn M. Yap, (DOST)
Committee on Exhibits Management
Dir. Edgar I. Garcia, Chair (TAPI)
Dir. Maria Patricia V. Azanza, Co-Chair (ITDI)
Exec. Dir. Carlos Primo C. David, Co-Chair (PCIEERD)
Committee on International Collaboration and

Dr. Amelia P. Guevara, Chair (DOST)
Exec. Dir. Jaime C. Montoya, Co-Chair (PCHRD)
Committee on Regional Celebrations
Asec. Urdujah A. Tejada, Chair (DOST-PMCD)
Exec. Dir. Reynaldo V. Ebora, Co-Chair (PCAARRD)
Dir. Romulo T. Aggangan, Co-Chair (FPRDI)
Committee on Student/Scholar’s Activities
Dir. Josette T. Biyo, Chair (SEI)
Exec. Dir. Larry L. Cabatic, Co-Chair (PSHSS)
Committee on Awards
Dir. Luningning S. Samarita, Chair (NAST)
Exec. Dir. Marieta B. Sumagaysay, Co-Chair (NRCP)
Committee on Promotions and Souvenir Program
Dir. Richard P. Burgos, Chair (STII)
Dir. Mario V. Capanzana, Co-Chair (FNRI)
Committee on Finance
Dir. Belma G. Martinez, Chair (DOST)
Ms. Maridon Sahagun, Co-Chair (DOST-SPD)
Committee on Documentation and Evaluation
Dir. Celia B. Elumba, Chair (PTRI)
Dir. Alumanda M. De La Rosa, Co-Chair (PNRI)
Committee on Physical and ICT
Deputy Exec Dir. Denis F. Villorente, Chair (ASTI)
Dir. Robert O. Dizon, Co-Chair (MIRDC)
Committee on Sanitation and Security Assistance
Exec. Dir. Jaime C. Montoya, Chair (PCHRD)
Dir. Teresita C. Fortuna, Co-Chair (DOST-NCR)
Dir. Mario V. Capanzana, Co-Chair (FNRI)
Dir. Elizabeth E. Fontanilla, Co-Chair (DOST-ALS)