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Congratulatory Message      

USec. Carol M. Yorobe 

Undersecretary for S&T Services and
Chair, 2018 NSTW Steering Committee

Welcome to the 2018 National Science and Technology Week.

This year's activities are keeping up with the theme "Science for the People: Innovation for Collective Prosperity". The Department of Science of Technology (DOST) will once again be at the forefront in gathering the country's brightest minds and ideas in the field of science, technology, and innovation in a week-long festivity.

Through this year's NSTW exhibits at the World Trade Center, DOST wishes to provide our visitors a clearer vision of a successful Filipino community that is empowered by a broad range of S&T based solutions and technical services. This is our way of recognizing and supporting the country's hardworking scientists, engineers, and researchers, who constantly work in finding alternative solutions to our most pressing problems especially in rural areas. The 2018 NSTW celebration is not only being held to provide knowledge and opportunities for the general public, but also to ignite hope that we can achieve inclusive development through science, technology, and innovation.

I invite everyone to come join us in the activities lined up for this year's NSTW, as well as the series of Regional Science and Technology Week celebrations nationwide. Once again, welcome to the 2018 National Science and Technology Week.